Saturday, May 22, 2010

The movie, book, the series

the movie the book the series

A look into the portal of a mans window, his journey
and quest for other worlds beyond this earth.
Leads him to incredible unfoldings and revelations.
He then finds his way through Tatau and a series of meetings bring
him face to face with his own destiny.
To bring about the greater good in others by spreading knowledge
and reviving a long lost ancient tradition.

He then surrenders all his wealth and power
to become a


master of none
scowering all across the earth to bring forth a vision

A vision of a new Paradigm

Leo Malaya is a concept
its a universe
i create through


The things that pains us gives us the most strength
Our Ailments show us the way
to heal

Our illness
our sufferings brings us to virtue


Life is what you create it to be...

will you take the journey?

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