Thursday, May 13, 2010

Climbing poetree

I had the honor to cruise n flow with Climbing Poetree last weekend when they swooped into the northwest to do a show in Bellingham University. It was areal privileged to bare witness to these two females doing they thang. Inspiring others while educating them about the current events going on around the world regarding unnatural disasters that are due to mans faultiness.

Coming forth with so much heart, dedication, and substance. I have never really seen any spoken word artists doing it on this level before. Naima + Alixa are from Brooklyn Ny and have been touring 2 years or more going around the nation on a mission to transform creation.The research and effort they put into they mission is simply prolific. Proven affective through power of word and truth. Transcending the hellish conditions by coming to grips with reality and cyphering on realistic solutions. True grass roots movement that really inspired me to keep doing what I'm doing as an artist/musician. To be affective in my own methods as revolutionary individual. On a personal level being more responsible for the gift to i was given to influence life in a positive direction.

Being more about changing life and creating a world birthed by a vision that was gifted to us.
Not forgetting about the rest of the world all the while we sittin pretty in our little bubble. Reminded there is so much more about us as individuals and the power we have to dramatically change the world by first staying true to our selves and being about what we say. Walking the narrow path aint easy and there is a lot of work ahead. No rest for these warriors taking aim at the heart. Thank you for keeping it real and keeping the movement strong.


you can check out they works at;
educating others, raising awareness, and teaching many about the healing powers of the arts and
stepping up to the frontlines and being about it!

One Love

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