Tuesday, February 9, 2010

busy body

This is going out to all those I havent had a chance to talk to or call back. No disrespect intended.
I just been very very busy lately tattooing on a daily. Working on all aspects of my life and so if I havent got back to you or returned an email. Its prolly because its lost within hundreds of emails in my mailbox. Furthermore if you really want work done, You can just text me or drop another message. Persistance pays off, but not to a point that you are bugging me. I dont have time to go out of my way to look for your special e mail.

Please be considerate, I Love my job and I love tattooing but I only have two hands! And there are hundreds of you. I apreciate your patience.


1 comment:

Eukarezt said...

yo defenitely I want to make an appointment with yah, when you get back to the aina. hit me up when you get in. Much respect