Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The meaning behind the lines, and the message before the man

Peace is a revolutionary strata G!

Touching on truth is a necessary topic. Doing art for me is really about exposing and expressing whats real within and what is real about life. The universal struggle is a continous balance. Like water seeking its opposite to balance itself out. In extreme cases of war and tragedy one must
stand firm and hold his peace. Regardless of what is going on in the world and in the universe , you gotta recognize what is worth keeping your attention on. Sparking that illuminated mindset filled with positive vibes everytime is the only thing of value.

We are evolving as a race. We are growing in awareness of what is around us, near or far, microscopic or Telescopic. Discovering new worlds and new ideas. Changing the way we see ourselves. Time moves in circles as we evolve upwards. Negative charges holds density and thus left behind in the material world. Positive thoughts are light and naturally moves faster more efficient in the current. Naturally a positive vibration is a higher frequency. Where are you operating right now?

I refuse to be bounded by belief or labels or genres. Im in the process of change and growth! Im exploring the universe and unlearning some things.
what was once impossible is now a reality. No longer clinging to a certainty or false hope. Truth is within and always has been. The truth im talking about is without words.Is without contradiction. Its a connection a very deep reflection an insight a revelation through time. Cuz time tells it all. Life reveals to us who we are when we step outside of what we were. Living in the now is the most powerful lesson. So right now i choose to write this.

There comes a point when you realize that that arguments are a complete waste of time. To argue a point is a mistake. Its more important to be influencial than contraversial. I know my purpose and why im here. I live it daily and breathe to let it live. and now that I have your attention and have kept you entranced, interested with the visual aspect. Let me then hit you with some real shit!

We are livin on borrowed time. We are born. we then grow observe and been taught! Then you learn to question and wonder why is there so much deception and irony in the world?
Why is there so much Bullshit in our lives? We forget that our history is ancient! We forget that we are travellers and navigators. We forgot that we have been on a very infinite journey. The present time presents us this view. What ever it is in your current circle of circumstance, whatever it is that matters most in your little life. Your tiny flame flickering in the wind. It may take a minute to recognize and to realize what it is you are living for. I wouldnt know what that thing would be for you.

As for me I know very well! Its my purpose in life to awaken others in they slumber. To shake up the stagnation in the waters. I move with truth because I have spent time burning away the illusions of my own mind. The confusion of politricks and the see through the smokescreen of the enemy. The enemy is unseen like a spider in the shadows. The web is illusive. Freedom is the concept.

Everyday is a preparation for the next. As this life is A preparation for the next. Excercising your vision to truly see the mission.

Tattooing is a responsibility rather than a job for me. Im responsible to share knowledge that comes with these marks. More so now than ever before. Everything is relevant. Im a spirit tool an instrument and its important to me to keep it in that sacred sense where this tatau belongs.
Theres only so much promotion you can do. I put my art out, like i put my heart out there in the world. Like an open book you can look into my works and you can pick apart my brain. You can take and copy paste and download it, save it sell it or steal it. But its never been mine to begin with. It will never be yours in the end. Real recognize real. The randomness is never meaningless when your purpose is present in everything you do! Respect is crucial in the process, and patience is so key. many people I tattoo have no clue of what tatau is all about. I would be guilty
to let someone walk out my space without atleast shedding some light of what is on them.
This is a culture an initiation of blood and ink. This is a marriage between your new life and reaffirmation of a spiritual transformation. This tatau is a reminder of that journey that we are on.

We live in a time that superficiality is a fashion. many people seek power and presence and feel that this tattoo i grant to them will do give em that. A sense of something sacred has been imbeded in them. But they vessel is hollow of meaning and empty of soul. The tatau travels like a spirit on its own journey. Beyond the person who wears it. Its beyond you. It just happens and has landed upon you. Some are deserving but some are just empty jars waiting to be filled. tatau is a message from the tribes! From the indigenous society it is derived. without proper respects , it acts like a curse unweilding your very power from the kharma you have begotten. Be humble
, be real yo! If you wear a tattoo from me? now you too are responsible. to know, to aquire to research and remain true!

Im begining to realize that influence is a powerful hand. That you can win the hearts of man with honesty and integrity and lose your life for what you believe in. Because in this lifetime there is a war against the indigenous since the very begining of our human history. a war between bloodlines over properties policies and poverty. The story resonates in our memories imbeded in our dna. Never to be forgotten. But that is the exact cause of our our slumber. we have forgotten our purpose and we have forgotten that we are on a infinite journey , we have come so far and trekked so deep on the edge of creation lost and distracted. disconnected from truth. We are so much outside of ourselves that we are spinning dizzy from the momentumn. Only when we can center ourselves we can see the world in slow mo. To better react to the quickening spiral . To draw from source and make an impact on the lives we touch. Maintain that peace . Hold that stance and Respect the art to better reflect the magic.

Shedding light on the art of the matter. Gifted unto you from the ancestors. Tatau is a teaching a philosophy a connection a spirit that is eternal and sacred............

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