Saturday, December 26, 2009

Indigenous Rites

Always coming forth through the inner light. Perpetuating our vision of truth in all we do.
Staying true to the art form to keep us intact and centered in love. This music has its own spirit that guide us through the times. Everyday is a revelation in fact we here to remind you of the small axe! As we make tracks towards acension we transcend the daily sufferings through meditating on the positive vibrations. Upholding our strength and vision of life. Overcoming the forces of negativity and formulating the flow for a safer passage through the darkness.
Our prayers are sent forth to the ancestors who cannot help but hear our songs. we chant to make it happen, Creativity leads our imagination closer to touching a more harmonious connection with mother earth. In all that we do humble and wise.

Soul preparation and dedication to the community. Kicking knowledge to better battle the illness and wicked deceptions of the powers that be. Rekindling the fire that others have lost.Through art ,music and dance, we spittin true wisdom that comes from the heart! Shedding light on the matters at hand. The darkest days come right before the light! The dawning the spawning of a concious shift.

Indigenous Rites a passage, an elevated path. we trek through the wilderness with an illuminated mindset. A revolutionary aproach!

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