Saturday, September 12, 2009

As winter aproaches

If you didnt know about the North west winters. Well ,It gets deep up here. Basiclly its freezing.
So I will be venturing outward once again.

Destination: Europe

The plan: To tattoo through Europe! Document , document!

Land in London for several hours then off to Italy in Napoli. Then off to Paris France for a Capoeira Festival. Then spend a good amount of time shuffling in the streets of Barcelona.
Ibiza. Then part 2 would be Berlin. Who really knows how it will all roll. I always say leave room for the unexpected especially when travelling oversees.

my focus is evident in my works. Now just to plan the attack maticulously and my execution will be flamboyant. Prepping the Artillery and loads of amo. Aloe flies once more.
Documentation is a must. Movie worthy and bok worthy stories to unravel , Im sure.

Guidance everytime! stay posted hit me up on facebook for week to week progress.

Launch date October 10th ........One way baybeeee!

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