Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Checking in

apologize for not blogging as of recently just been getting settled in my new location. Many things have happened and seems like the biggest moments in my life had to come to pass over.
I'm stoked to be back in the bay as I make my rounds in the circle tri fecta formula. Being all places at once and managing a great flow ahead. Lots going in the universe and with our daily world transforming. I'm hoping everyone has they eyes and souls peeled for the unfolding of great waves of happening world wide.

Despite the world and its defeating ways I come to you with good news. No matter what happens we must live through it and remain awake in these shifting times. Acceptance of where and who are as individuals.

Leo Malaya is stronger and wiser than ever. More experienced and hold the scepter with a mighty grip. A handle on life and continue to push forth with positive intent.explosive results bursting with new ideas and flows. Flowing with life as always free to reexamine the the world and self through this process of creativity , Much is being reflected in the works weather it be tattooing or dance , music or self spoken truths. That's just me! Respect that.

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