Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ship set to sail

My travel flowz for the next 8 months

Bay area- oct. 4th - 11th

Hawaii- oct. 11th

Aotearoa New Zealand- Jan.

Phillipines - feb

Seattle feb.

Due to spontaneous movement of passion or just strong winds.
who knows where I will be. But as of now the cypher round the bay to the northwest all da way to hawaiiane continues. Completing the trifecta. I consider it my own Polynesian triangle.

Im also looking forward to returning back to cali for a longer session coming spring 2011.
If you are in the bay or further south and have been patient about having work from yours truly,
now is the chance to set up months in advance. I will be working at Humble Beginings Tattoo.

Until then...

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