Monday, January 11, 2010


I have few resolutions this year and it deals with the people who i surround myself with. I know life is a daily battle or it could be a pleasant blissful state of passing. We can all learn so much from others, especially our friends. With open arms and an open heart we welcome them, time and time again. There are times when we need to take another look at the friendships and ties we hold. People change and people grow, but some never change nor grow.

We all trying to elevate in this game a Life! While others tend to drag us down with them. Be weary of these leachers in the bleachers. There is a thin line between sharing our energy and being taken for granted. Many will take and take, but few will ever return the favor.

The hungry eyes always looking to get more. The motor mouths that crowd the air with noise, Revealing his empty mind only to find that he has nothing at all. Silence makes them uncomfortable. The stealer of ideas, the thief amongst the crew. The lost ones who tend to follow
and have no sense of direction. The exciter, the one who brags about what he or she dreams to do but in the end has nothing to show for. The liar, the one who boasts the most and and bullshits all day all the while we can absolutely tell that they are full of shit! Etc. the list goes on.

Friends! how many of us have them? Anyways my point is sometimes patience wears thin. That no matter how cool we keep it, how calm and collect we may be around these leaching preachers.
Its draining to be around them. In some cases they are often toxic to be around.

Keep your eyes pealed and im sure you will spot one or two.

Keep your circle tight and check your company! Elevate game.
Keep its streamline. Make it a point to drop the weight. Keep it light!

Always forward and shinning!


Bala CDO Hawaii said...

Word. Only your heart tells YOU who is the hunter or the prey. I see them in Capoeira all the time. The hunter preys upon the weak, and only then, the weak learns to be smarter.

The lost ones - who jump around the groups, and don't have a master.

The exciter - who is dying to tell people what s/he knows about Capoeira, but has nothing to show for.

The liar - who claims that s/he is a Capoeirista, when all s/he does is to capitalize on the art.

Braddah, life is a never ending cycle of learning and teaching. I'm glad to live in this world with you at the same time. Let us learn and teach. Forever being humble.

Jah Bless.

Fokai Love said...