Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Orchestrated Madness

My first music album is up for listen. The focus of my last couple of years has been my music.
Now the project is now up on some of these songs are 4 years old. Its been in the back burners and now ive decided to compile these musical gems together titled. Orchestrated Madness.
I titled it that cuz of the fact making was complete madness! I seemed to have fit this crazy project into my busy schedule due to my passion for creating songs. Now here it is unmastered and hella raw!
I been sitting on this project for a long while and needed to just get it out there. The sound behind the images i create. I would say it is the lyrics to my paintings or tattoos. Its all one in the end. Im stoked to just put it out because I got some new shit coming through.

The new project is called "Fly by night". Its all instrumental sessions produced strictly by me.
Aloe12 on the Mpc 2000xl... Im excited to let the beats and samples i collaged together speak for me. So sit tight..and just listen closely

search for: aloeye on

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