Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Real recognize Real

Its all a matter of perspective in how we perceive situations. Tattooing has gave me mad insight about many things. Getting to know all types of peoples in all levels . Consider me a therapist and a scientist. Conducting a survey about life and its learning process. Administering knowledge when its appropriate . Giving jewels to many who is less deserving. Either way we learn through the process of giving and taking. looking forward to tattooing more influencial heads that are actually doing thangs for the world. Inspire me

Im blessed enough to know better. To find balance between business and sacredness. Everyday is an attempt to walk in my chosen direction. I am so fortunate to find my place . Rightfully respected and sought. I manage to weave through the madness somehow striving to stay true to this art form
Some are just buckets to the well > while others are the very fountains of inspiration. To be inspired, is to be in the spirit. In the mode of creating and mastering self , reaching for the higher heights above reason and control. The Souls way is dynamic and unpredictable.
In the the quest for true love is only found in self. Needing nourishment but wanting less excess mess. Drop the weight and shed some skin kick some knowledge to enlighten fools. Be real with your company. Remain low to the ground but gain a better vantage point of the game we play on a daily.

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