Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Every journey i take, weather near or far
im constantly loking for inspiration,
for me that is what life is all about. keepin my eyes pealed and ears open for every little blessing in sight,in sound.
the universe always provides new paths and new avenues.

just spent 2 weeks in nicargua mostly chillen out in San Juan del Sur.
working on my spanish and lacin up the town with a little flavor from the aloeye
.Mostly working on music and
meeting good peoples.
You are who you atract right?

It was good to experience a bit of Latin America.
beans and rice all day

the best feeling i got from being over there was to tattoo another kindred spirit
.No money involved .just pure satisfaction of blessing someone with a beautiful piece .To leave my soulsignature on someone worthy .

I love tattooing,
it has changed my life
and now im able to change others lives as well.
bless up

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