Wednesday, December 10, 2008

new life

Having my eyes open to new life emerging. know that life is temporary and everyday is a gift to ini. another door closes, another one opens.moving my soul through music, expressing every ounce of me. humbled by love once again .in the moment i remain in the now of time. cuz all we truly have is now!

20 days in seattle to get grounded. road tripping down to the bay area to see my favorite folks and fam. touch some heads and bless up the mic.

Just finished the catalouge we been patiently creating for the AIL. art is life clothing.
been a long time coming. so here it is please check the site it will be up and running late december..thanks to Gabe Juzon aka magic man. making it happen. ushering the substance into

music wise. i been getting down daily to working on this little mini album called NIBIRU. 6 to 7 tracks all dedicated to the awakening.

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